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Spring Flings: Five Easy, Fun, Inexpensive Girls Night Ideas to Use Right Now

Happy MayDay, girlfriends! Finally it’s starting to feel like spring, and it’s a busy season filled with graduations, Mother’s Day, first communions, and other celebrations that fill up the weekends. Combine that with work stresses, finals, kids’ sports schedules, and end-of-the-school-year activities, and it’s hard to find the time or energy to plan your next girls night. So, if you’re feeling a little pressed for time, try one of these quick and easy ways to get the girls together. TIP: pick a date, time, and activity, then call or email your girlfriends. They are much more likely to say yes when all the decision-making is done for them!

1. Have a picnic! Here’s an easy way to take advantage of the spring weather. All you need is a blanket and some simple fare. Go on your lunch hour, or set up a fun spread during the kids’ soccer practice. To liven things up, bring along a conversation tin from always a girl’s girl. We have the original tin and had fun with it over a girls’ weekend. We especially liked the “Love it or Hate it” questions (Example: “Love it or Hate it? Time Magazine, diaries, book lights.”) As they say, it’s “Small talk with big laughter”! SPECIAL OFFER: Right now, if you order a conversation tin from always a girl’s girl, they will throw in a conversation confetti for free! This is great deal! Just use the code “GirlfriendCelebrations” in the comments.

2. Plan a MayDay Stress Relief Party. This party costs next-to-nothing, and gives you a place to relax and connect with your girlfriend by exploring different stress-relief methods. You can also exchange “kindnesses” to give each girlfriend an extra dose of nurturing. Click the link for all the details.

3. Plant something together. Get your spring planting chores done together. It’s much more fun to visit a nursery and pick out annuals with a girlfriend. Then you can help each other get the plants in the ground. Again, inexpensive! Or, pot up some plants for someone who needs cheering. See our “Seeds of Thoughtfulness” party for more ideas on how to have a planting-themed girls night.

4. Get green. Gather in the backyard, commune with nature, and talk about ways to be kinder to the earth. our “Green is the New Black” party has ideas for crafts and activities that help you do a better job of reducing, reusing and recycling!

5. Start a biking or walking group. This is a great way to meet regularly, have fun and do something to increase your fitness. Some women we know meet at night, after the kids are in bed, to walk and talk. Because they’re in a group, they don’t mind walking the neighborhood after dark. And when someone is expecting you to show up, you’re much more likely to exercise. 

More spring fling ideas? We’d love to hear yours. Leave them in the comments!

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