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Who’s talking about Here are a few of our recent mentions in the press, the blogosphere, and the universe at large:

Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, November 2010, page 42

Southwest Spirit Magazine
Southwest Spirit Magazine

Excerpt: “The average girls’ night out takes 3 days to plan. Typically it takes 16 texts, five phone calls, three Facebook posts, and three emails to organize a girls-only get together, according to a February study of 1,000 women by OnePoll. “Girlfriend time provides women an opportunity for laughter, tears, and other sanity-saving emotions, says Dawn Bertuca, co-founder and girlfriend-in-chief of, a website dedicated to strengthening female friendships. ‘Women have a physiological need to talk to other women. Plus, it’s downright fun.’” (Note: content is in print magazine only, not online.)

Chicago Tribune: Friendship and the Kid Factor by Heidi Stevens

April 8, 2010

Excerpt: “Girlfriends remind us who we are before we had kids,” says Dawn Bertuca, co-owner of Girl, a Web site that encourages women to cultivate their friendships. “You’re trying to have adult time, trying to maintain the person you’ve always been. Children add another dimension, but you should still try to relate to your friends in pretty much the same way.”

Your Health Monthly: Beyond the Book Club – Fill Your Girls Night Out with Giggles, Good Works and  Your Best Gal Pals by Shannon Spence

April 2010

Blogtalk Radio: Girlfriendology

Original air date: December 14, 2009

Click to listen!

The Gratitude Challenge

Selected as one of 12 featured bloggers for the TinyPrints Gratitude Challenge, a 21-day challenge created to help people “take note and give thanks.”

Chicago TribuneHow one woman got her sisterhood back October 5, 2008

Excerpt: ”Science proves that female friends are essential to a happy and healthy life,” says Tina Bishop, co-owner of Girl, a Web site based in Lombard that encourages women to cultivate their friendships.

All too often, Bishop says, women allow their friendships to fizzle while they care for children, parents, households and other responsibilities. But your sisterhood is your lifeline. And it, too, needs care.

“Women have needs that only other women can fill,” says Dawn Bertuca, Bishop’s business partner. “You can’t really talk to a man about your mammogram or your fears about childbirth. Women let you connect with your true self—who you were before you became a mother or a wife.”

And it’s not enough, Bertuca and Bishop stress, to chat on the phone here and there. You’ve got to get out your calendar and plan some dates.

“Make friendship a priority,” says Bertuca. “Make phone calls every week, make an invitation every week until you get the results you want.”

“You can’t take care of other people if you’re not taking care of yourself,” adds Bishop.

Chicago Tribune, Five Ways to Strengthen Sisterhood, by Heidi Stevens, October 5, 2008


Dawn Bertuca and Tina Bishop, co-owners of, suggest the following steps to maintain (or salvage) your female friendships.

Commit: Get out your calendar and schedule one girls’ night (or day) for each of the next 12 months. Put a different girlfriend in charge of planning each one.

Make a date: Browse the entertainment section of your newspaper for events you’d like to attend. Call one girlfriend today with a specific invitation.

Do good: Select a charity and plan a girlfriend event to benefit it. It can be a fundraiser, food drive or outing to help at a local food pantry.

Console: Think of a friend who is under some stress right now. Bring her coffee, chocolate, flowers, chicken soup or whatever you think might brighten her day.

Connect: Create a tradition at your next girls’ night by bringing something that can be passed from girlfriend to girlfriend. It might be an MP3 player that one friend is responsible to fill for the next gathering or a basket that can be filled with munchies. Or start a girlfriend journal. Each woman writes in it for a week and passes it to the next friend.

Get Real Girls radio program, FM107.1 Minneapolis St. Paul, October 4, 2008

Dove Dimensions August 2008, Five Beautiful Things:

Excerpt: “3. Have a girlfriend celebration. Looking for a clever new way to celebrate your best friend’s birthday? Look no further than to plan the perfect get-together. Plus, find great ideas for wedding showers, Oscar parties, seriously indulgent spa parties and all kinds of just-for-fun parties.”

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