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Have a Holiday Greetings Party!

Happy Holidays, Girlfriends! It’s been awhile, and we’ve missed you. Hello to all our new subscribers; welcome to the party! We know you’re looking for a good excuse to hunker down with your girlfriends, and we’ve got one–it’s the holidays, after all. We all have too many errands to do this time of year, so why not get one done together? This season, throw a Holiday Greetings party for your closest pals. Invite everyone to your place and provide a comfortable space for them to address and sign their Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa cards. It’s a great way to make a tedious task more fun and catch up with your girlfriends at the same time. You can easily throw this party together and have it this week, leaving you plenty of time to mail those cards out.

Setting and Setup

This is an easy party to set up. You’ll want to make sure everyone has enough tabletop space to comfortably write their cards. Holiday decorations will help put everyone in a festive mood, so try to get that done ahead of time. Holiday music is a must–especially if you can come up with something a little different. Try the Great Women of Christmas CD for some classic holiday cheer by some powerful women. A Very Special Christmas Vol. 1 is classic pop fun, and A Charlie Brown Christmas brings a moody instrumental flair to your party. But since holiday music selections are endless, and run the gamut from celtic to swing to punk, get what you and your friends like. Don’t forget to light a fire in the fireplace, or some candles to add a holiday glow. Simmer a pot of cinnamon sticks on the stove for a decidedly welcoming atmosphere.


You’ll want to make sure your invitation gets noticed in the flurry of holiday mail. So instead of a typical holiday invitation, do something a little different. Buy small holiday memo pads at the dollar store, and write the invitation details on the first page. Place the pad in an envelope and mail for a invitation that comes in handy too.  Or, find the girliest pink invitation you can and send that–it will really stand out among the reds, greens, silvers and blues. On the invitation, remind your girlfriends to bring their invitations, address book, stamps, address labels, and a writing instrument. (If you are really last-minute, just call or use Evite.)

Food and Drink

Whatever you serve, make sure you have some warm offerings to match the warm feelings of the season. A simple supper of soup and bread would be divine. Or, ask each girlfriend to bring a warm appetizer. Hot chocolate (spiked with peppermint schnapps, if desired) or apple cider, mulled wine, or coffee drinks are all apropros. This recipe for a warm-cider-based Indian Summer sounds intriguing and easy. You may want ask your girlfriends to keep food and drink off the table you are using to write invites (to prevent staining someone’s holiday greeting), but that’s up to you.

Making Connections

As you work on your cards, you’ll no doubt be catching up on all the latest girlfriend news. But during conversation lulls, try some of these conversation starters having to do with holiday cards and traditions–or make up some of your own. You can even write the questions on cards or slips of paper and take turns drawing them from a hat. You’ll learn some interesting tidbits about your gal pals!

  • Who has been on your holiday card list the longest?
  • Who lives the farthest away on your list?
  • When did you first start sending your own holiday cards?
  • How do you display holiday cards?
  • What is your favorite holiday song?
  • What is your most cherished holiday decoration?
  • What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  • What do you hate about the holidays?
  • What is your most memorable holiday gift?
  • Do you re-use gift bags? Wrapping paper?

Party Favors 

The "write" favor for this party would be a special pen. Purchase a nice selection at a party supply or card store, choosing either a holiday theme or a feminine one.  Let your guests pick out one to use at the party (if desired) and take home.

There-wasn’t that simple? You got your cards done and had fun. What your girlfriends will remember is not how clean your house was, or how sophisticated your appetizers were, but that you gave them a warm welcome and an opportunity to enjoy each other, away from the pressures of the holiday season.

At, we hope you have a December full of peace, joy and friendship. Let us know how you are celebrating with your girlfriends. Just use the comment form below. Cheers!

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