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Our Top 5 Holiday Girls Night Themes!

Do you have your December girls night on the calendar? Wondering what you can do that’s fun and meaningful? Well, GirlfriendCelebrations is here with our top 5 ways to have fun with your gal pals during the holidays. Give yourself permission to plan a girlfriend get-together during the holidays and use this special time to show your appreciation to the friends who love you!

Photo by Calvin Crest via flickr
Photo by Calvin Crest via flickr

Wrap and Greet 

Don’t say you’re too busy to gather with your girlfriends: Take those holiday chores and do them together! Women tend to be super-busy during the holidays. But it is possible to get things done while you’re having fun. Invite the girls over to write out holiday greeting cards together (party plan here), or have a wrapping party. Everyone brings presents to wrap, along with some wrapping supplies. You’ll have a variety of colorful papers to choose from and you’ll be able to chat while you wrap.


Do some good with your girlfriends! Decorate a Christmas tree for an elderly person. Adopt a family, go shopping together, wrap and deliver gifts, then reward yourselves with a dinner out. Schedule an Out of the Cold party to help the homeless. Or, do some crafting and giving. See our Green Holiday Parties article for some holiday crafts you can make with recycled materials, then deliver to a nursing home, hospital or anyone who needs some holiday cheer.

Get Outside

Yes, really. When was the last time you went sledding (not just watched the kids) or participated in a snowball fight? Arrange a cross-country ski outing, snowperson contest, ice skating event, or Christmas caroling for your girlfriend group. Certainly, some of these activities may seem a bit silly for grown women, but isn’t that the point? If we can’t let loose around our girlfriends, then we’re not really living!

Prep for Parties

Beautifying yourself for holiday parties or New Year’s Eve just got a lot more fun! Have a Costume Jewelry Swap (see our Accessory Swap Party for ideas) or have a spa night (either at a spa or at home) for manicures, pedicures and facials. You’ll feel *much* more beautiful surrounded by girlfriend support!

Jazz up the Usual

Old habits die hard. Many girlfriend groups have a cookie exchange every year, or a holiday get-together with a “Secret Santa” or ornament exchange. These tried-and-true ideas are fun, but why not inject a little imagination into your old standby events? For example:

  • Instead of a cookie exchange, try a side dish or appetizer recipe exchange. Bring enough for everyone to taste, and copies of the recipe. You’ll find something to impress that mother-in-law of yours!
  • Instead of a Secret Santa, try our Pink Elephant Gift Exchange, which puts a girly twist on the traditional white elephant. Find all the details and rules here. You can have everyone bring pink gifts, set up rules such as “chocolate only,” or compliment your girlfriend before stealing her gift. 
  • Add some connecting activities to your soiree. Talk about favorite holiday traditions, worst Christmas present or favorite holiday memory. Make a game out of it: Write your answers on a slip of paper and have people guess which girlfriend goes with which answer.

Special note: It’s important to remember this year, which has many of our girlfriends stressed and strapped, that holiday fun is not about gifts, and it’s not about impressing your friends. It is about doing and being, remembering and laughing (and, probably, eating and drinking!). We’d love it if you’d share your girlfriend holiday plans in the comments. Happy Holidays, Girlfriends!

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