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Welcome to Girltalk!

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sassy & soulful conversations that create connection

Welcome to Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™, where girlfriends come to get the kinds of conversations that create real connection with other women, and themselves.

We’ve all been in conversations with a friend or group of women where the traditional type of “girl talk” takes over: chitter chatter about nothing meaningful… complaining that gets us nowhere… mediocre mumbo jumbo about the daily grind… flapping facts about everyone else (our partners, kids, etc.) instead of ourselves… and worst of all, gabbing gossip about someone else, somewhere else. We’ve all been to or thrown one of those parties or networking events selling something, when in fact all we really want is to hang out with women, have fun, connect and feel supported on this crazy journey of being a woman in the 21st century.

At Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™, we say let’s skip all the pretenses… let’s break down some of our “nice girl” or “gossip girl” walls… and let’s get together and talk about what really matters, and have one heck of a fun time doing it! You don’t need a book, a business or a hobby to give you a reason to connect. Save yourself the price of the yarn, business cards or paperback and have a Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ get- together.

We give you the topics, tools and how-tos. All you have to do is create the space, invite your friends and abide by the Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ mantra:

be real. be wise. be you.

What is Girltalk…  Taking it Deeper™?

Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ is a “conversation technology” that gives women ideas, personal experiments and a conversation structure built to create dynamic, inspiring, and empowering get-togethers with other women on a regular basis… all based on a meaningful monthly topic relevant to today’s woman.

Beginning in October 2009, Christine Arylo, inspirational catalyst and the creator of Girltalk… taking it deeper™ and formed a partnership to provide these monthly topics to women who want to form their own Girltalk… taking it deeper™ get-togethers with friends.

Christine Arylo
Christine Arylo

The topics are subjects you’ve likely heard before— relationships, beauty, money, creativity. The difference is the depth of connection, understanding and energy you receive as a result of the unique and powerful conversation structures and personal discovery experiments developed by Christine Arylo and provided to you as a Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ subscriber (which, by the way, is absolutely free).

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How does it work?

On the first Monday of every month, we will provide you with the Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ topic of the month. Included with the topic will be a:

  • Topic Topline: Words from Christine on her take on the topic. What’s real for today’s woman? What’s real that’s not being talked about? What’s the wisdom? And what can we do about it?
  • Your Personal Experiment: A truth and a dare, but so much better than the game you played as a teenager. This truth and dare is all for you. For the truth, you’ll get a question to ponder and for the dare you’ll receive an activity, both designed to get you closer to your own personal truth and wisdom on this topic. You and your friends do the experiment before the get together and use what you learned to infuse the conversation with real, wise and revealing insights, thoughts and connection.
  • Girltalk Get-Together Guide: Using our mantra and conversation technology of Be Real. Be Wise. Be You. this guide will guide you through the topic and conversation, and will provide you with provocative, daring and thoughtful questions you can use to create and guide the get together.

Once you get your monthly email, it works like this:

  • The Chief Girltalker (the woman hosting that month) sends out an email invitation to the group, including the topic, personal discovery experiment (truth and dare), and event details.
  • Each woman (or Girltalker, as we like to call ourselves), takes on the topic and the truth and dare prior to the get together.
  • You have the get-together, share, laugh, and learn. At the end of the conversation, every woman takes one personal dare that she creates based on the topic, which she promises to complete before your next get-together.  We’ve created a full guide on how to throw a fantastic Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ Get-Together which you can download HERE.

What is the Girltalk…  Taking it Deeper™ “Conversation Technology”?

The term “conversation technology” refers to how we have conversations at Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ Get-Togethers and it’s based on three simple but super powerful promises every Girltalker makes – be real. be wise. be you.

Over and over again, Christine heard from women about the lack of real connection they felt to other women and their fed-up feelings about the surface topics women and much of the media talked about.

Tired of talk on how to lose five pounds in five days or catch a man in ten… tired of trying to meet new women or create closer and more positive connections with women they already knew, they told Christine they wanted a way to connect with women authentically, one that inspired them to be their best.

Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™  was the response, and since 2008, it has been inspiring sassy and soulful conversations with women around the world. Our mantra is be real. be wise. be you. because every conversation and interaction is about:

  • be real: Say the truth beneath the surface… be authentically you… share your stories and experiences honestly
  • be wise: See yourself and others full of wisdom… know the answers you seek are inside of you… share your wisdom not to fix, but to inspire
  • be you: Dare to learn more about the woman you are…  take action… be comfortable being uncomfortable

Will These Conversations Get Too Personal?

The truth is that you can’t have connection unless you are being personal! One huge reason we don’t have the meaningful connections we want with other women is because we are too afraid of being real, judged, rejected, ridiculed, you name it. And who can blame us? We’ve all had those experiences. But if you really want deeper and more meaningful connections you’ve got to open yourself up and that’s exactly what Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ Get Togethers are designed to do.

And let’s be clear, this is not a support group with Kleenex boxes and it’s not about fixing other people’s problems. We have rules about that (which are in included in the Girltalk… Taking it Deeper Guide)! This is a place where you can come, be real, make discoveries and feel connected to women committed to living great lives… no networking, agendas or therapy required! If you can abide by our mantra, be real. be wise. be you., the rest will take care of itself, trust us.

How Do I Get Started?

Starting a Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ Get-Together is as easy as one-two-three:

1. Become a Girltalk…  Taking it Deeper™ subscriber. It’s free! See that “Subscribe” box in the left-hand column asking for your email address? (if you don’t see it, click here to open the “Subscribe” page in a new window.) Enter your email address into the box, and it will take you to a screen that asks what you want to subscribe to. Click Girltalk™ With Christine Arylo. You can also sign up for the GirlfriendCelebrations newsletter for even more girlfriend get-together ideas, tips and advice! (Please note: If you are already a Girlfriend Celebrations email subscriber, please re-enter your email. You will then have a chance to update your email preferences and you can sign up for the Girltalk list.)

2. Download the Guide to Girltalking. It has all the information you need to get your get-together started, including email copy you can use to invite your friends, and all the steps to go from idea to get-together. Click HERE to get the Guide.

3. Pick a Date and Time & Invite Your Friends. Give your girlfriends a call and ask them to try this Girltalking thing out with you. If they seem a little hesitant, tell them, “Live a little! What have you to lose? Let’s just try it out.”  Pick a date, time and place, preferably mid to later in the month to give you enough time to do the truth and dare. Send the invitations out and take the role of Chief Girltalker, at least for now.

Does It Cost Money?

In a word, NO! All of the information, tools and monthly topics are absolutely free, no cost to you at all. Christine Arylo and the founders of GirlfriendCelebrations are passionate about giving women ways to connect. The Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ conversation technology, materials and guides and the content in them are copyrighted and owned by Christine Arylo. As a subscriber to Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ she gives you permission to use these materials to have conversations with women, and she appreciates you giving credit to Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ and spreading the word. As a Girltalk… Taking it Deeper™ subscriber you also get the benefit of taking advantage of Christine’s other creations, including Self-Love Studio (a free tele-series with the wisest teachers of our time… Madly in Love with ME (international holiday on Feb 13… and her other workshops. As a subscriber you agree to get emails from Christine, and of course you can unsubscribe at any time (and it is our intention to give you tremendous value in every interaction).

Welcome to the world of connection… now get Girltalking!


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