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Girlfriends Rule!

Dawn Williams Bertuca is a professional writer and editor and a mother of two. Tina VanZant Bishop is a Registered Nurse, photographer, and mother of two. When we’re not brainstorming girlfriend party ideas, we spend our “girl time” drinking coffee, dreaming, talking, and thinking of all the fabulous places we’ll go when we get a spare moment.

So why did we start this space on the web? As friends with busy professional and personal lives, we realized something:

  • Female friendships are essential to a happy life. Connecting with girlfriends helps women remember their true selves–who they were before they became mothers, grandmothers, wives, executives, volunteers. “Girlfriend time” provides an opportunity for laughter, tears, and other sanity-saving emotions. Plus, it’s downright fun.
  • Not enough women make “girlfriend” relationships a priority. Let’s face it–women are nurturers, but we tend to put everyone else first. Ironically, we often don’t give ourselves permission to nurture our girlfriend relationships. And we certainly don’t have the time or energy to think up unique, fun, and meaningful ways of bonding with our gal pals. As a result, girlfriend relationships often stagnate or, sadly, fizzle out.

We decided to do something to help ourselves and other women strengthen the girlfriend connection. In November of 2005, was born, with the hope of generating more fun, friendship, and female community on the web and in real life. Since then, oh, how we’ve grown. As the premier providers of girls night ideas and girlfriend party ideas on the web, we are proud bearers of the torch of female friendship. We believe strongly that we are helping women get the most from their girlfriend relationships—and as a result, improve their lives—one party at a time!

Email us…we’d love to hear from you. New girlfriends are always welcome here!

Dawn and Tina

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