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5 Thoughtful Gifts For Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, it’s time to start thinking about a gift for the important moms in your life, a gift special enough for the women that have helped to make you who you are. Some of us are blessed to have a mom that is like a best girlfriend; nearly all of us have a mom, mother-in-law or mother figure to remember on Mother’s Day. Giving the right gift can be tricky: you’re navigating the fine line between what you can afford, what mom will like and what gift will make mom feel most appreciated. Who knew it would be so complicated? But don’t drop before you shop, girlfriend, because the Girlfriends-In-Chief have come up with a few gift ideas to inspire your Mother’s Day gift giving.

Here are 5 thoughtful gift ideas for special women in your life:


Volunteer – Find a cause that mom is passionate about and volunteer together.

Present her with a wrapped or ribbon-tied photo album. In the front, place an invitation stating the day, time and place you have planned for the two of you to do your volunteering together. She can use the album for pictures to remember the special day you shared  helping out those less fortunate. Not only will you both be rewarded  with warm feelings of helping others, but volunteering can help you to grow as individuals as well as help to make your mother/daughter bond a little stronger. It’s a gift filled with warm fuzzies for all. Try searching to find volunteer opportunities near you.


Motivate – Encourage her to exercise! Give mom a gift certificate for your time as a weekly walking partner.

A key reason many people don’t work out is simply because they  lack motivation. It’s easier to work out if you have someone there  to motivate, get you going and hold you accountable to a workout  schedule. Why not be that motivation for mom to help her get in better shape and to help her feel better about herself?  Schedule a night or two each week ( just make sure you keep up your end of the bargain) to accompany mom on a healthy walk. Not only will you inspire some healthy habits, it will give you some quiet mom/daughter bonding time. Best of all, it’s free! A win/win gift for all.


Plant a garden - Surprise her with a garden! Bring the supplies and your muscle power to plant the garden she always wanted but never had time or energy to create.

Planting a garden in the outdoors is a great option if you have the  yard space. However, If she lives in a townhouse or condo, you can still make an indoor garden together. A garden makes a great gift because it will keep her busy and give her something to look forward to. A gift bearing the fruit of your labor, what could be better than that?

Thinking of You

Keep in touch – Write a letter or send a card every other day for a month.
This is a gift that keeps on giving. Every other day she will receive  thoughtful little reminders that you are thinking of her. It’s not  necessary to send long letters; a small token sentence saying”You  are in my thoughts” is enough to bring a smile and warm her heart.  Stock up on blank cards, stationary and stamps ahead of time. Keep your eyes peeled daily as you browse through paper and magazine articles. Cutting out a magazine article she would like, jotted with a little note to say ” hope you enjoy” is enough to remind her she is in your thoughts. Here is a small list of things you can send without wasting a huge chunk of time: kids’ art, recipes, coupons, crossword puzzle, horoscope, write out a favorite memory of your childhood, 5 things you love about your mom, 5 reasons why you are lucky to have her as mom, etc. The daily reminders that you care and are thinking of her will bring joy to her heart and many smiles to her face. It’s a wonderful way to extend Mother’s Day from a single day to a month long affair.  Shouldn’t every day be Mother’s Day anyway?


Personalized gift – Give a personalized photo gift that will remind her of special memories.

Create a one-of-a-kind handbag for mom. Personalize it with some of her favorite photos. Why give a brag book when you can give a brag bag for all to see?   Photo handbag courtesy of and retails for $50.00

Honor mom with a token of your affection and a little something to cherish. This  personalized charm photo bracelet is sure to be a charmer and steal the heart of the mom you love. Beaded bracelet courtesy of  and retails for  $48.oo

Giving the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be challenging to find but rewarding to share. We hope that our suggestions have sparked some ideas and inspiration. We’d love to hear your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas. Happy Mother’s Day from the Girlfriends-In-Chief.

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