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Seven Steps to Better Girls Nights

Hi, Girlfriends! We’ve had a lovely holiday hiatus, but now we’re back with a whole new year of ideas to help you have fun and meaningful times with your girlfriends. Did you spend enough time with your girlfriends in 2008? Do you wish you’d taken more time for female friendship?

Melissa Mellott and girlfriends start the New Year off right—together!
Melissa Mellott and girlfriends start the New Year off right—together!
Have you, like our girlfriend Amy, declared 2009 “the year I take care of me”? If you’re like many of us, you meant to have a regular “date” with your girlfriends last year, but it didn’t quite happen that way. But here’s good news: A new year is the perfect opportunity to create new habits and do things better. We’d like to help you realize all the benefits of strong girlfriendships in 2009, and we’ve put together a little guide to get you started. Read on for our Seven Steps to Better Girls Nights! Read the rest of this entry »

Find a Resolution Buddy and Make Those Changes Stick!

Girlfriends, are you making any New Years resolutions? If you’re looking to make some changes in 2009, enlist your girlfriends to help you stay on track. Use your next girls night to find a “Resolution Buddy”—a partner who will help you keep that promise to exercise five days a week, quit smoking, or be nicer to your husband. Here at GirlfriendCelebrations, we work on improving ourselves all year long. We’re always starting something new. However, the start of a new year *is* the perfect time to reflect on what needs to change in your life and start making that change with vigor. Read on to see what we’re doing and how you can find a buddy too:

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A Little Pink Party to Support Friends With Breast Cancer

As Breast Cancer Awareness month continues, would like to help you support your girlfriends with breast cancer, the best way we know how—with a little pink party! Not just for October, this party works perfectly ANY time of year to support a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer, to honor a breast cancer survivor you love, or to raise money for a special breast cancer organization. The issue of breast cancer really touches us all. As Becky Olson and Sharon Henifin, founders of, state, ”One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The other seven will know her.” If you know someone affected by breast cancer, you surely want to help her feel less lonely and isolated, but you may not know how. By gathering together we can truly help—one party at a time—by celebrating and supporting our sisters, girlfriends, mothers and daughters touched by breast cancer. (By the way, please check out Becky and Sharon’s website. It offers tons of useful information to girlfriends trying to help someone with cancer. Their “hat shower” idea inspired us as we worked on this party plan!)

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Quick! Party Picks for January

January is underway! Need to organize a girlfriend get-together fast? Allow us to direct your attention to a few previously published parties that work well this time of year. All-new celebrations are coming soon! Meanwhile, you can throw these together in a flash:

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January Party: The V.I.P. Event

Start the year off right and do something good for yourself: Make a date with your girlfriends! This month’s celebration pays dividends all year long. It’s time for some Very Important People (you and your girlfriends) to get together for a Very Important Planning party–your annual V.I.P. event. The purpose? To get your girlfriend celebrations organized for the year, having fun in the process. Planning doesn’t have to be a chore–we’ll show you how it can be fun. And, with everyone in on the decision-making, you’ll get a better turnout at your monthly get-togethers throughout the year. 

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Create a Tradition–Pass the Basket

Having "signature" items that pass from girlfriend to girlfriend is a tradition that can make your get-togethers feel a little more special. To inject a little more fun into your girl-group vibe, you may want to try this:

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