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Celebrate Birth Day — With A Unique Baby Shower

So, you’re not hip on traditional baby showers, but still want to plan something special for your girlfriend who’s expecting? Why not plan a Birth Day Party–a shower designed around the needs of your friend and the day of delivery. This party is ideal for mothers who aren’t having their first child, or who have already had a traditional shower. It’s also perfect for those who can’t stand the thought of one more silly baby shower game. By turning the focus on the new mother, you can add comfort to her days and nurture her with loving support. Here’s how:

The setting

Showers are traditionally held in homes or in fancy halls. Either would be fine for this party too. But remember, this is an un-shower. So, think about where your girlfriend feels most comfortable. Outdoors in nature? In a coffee shop? Nightclub? Consider her personality and try to make the day about her.

The invitations has a great custom invitation idea that lets you use a picture of your pregnant girlfriend. Look for the “Oh Baby” invitation. If you choose to make your own invitation, we still like the idea of focusing on your girlfriend and honoring the changes she is going through.

Food and drink

Well of course, you’ll need to think about her favorite foods. Give the woman what she wants! It will be the last time for a long while that anyone will make a fuss over her, so try to get it right.

Don’t forget the Birth Day cake…and it had better be chocolate if your girlfriend is anything like ours!

The gifts

Instead of bringing gifts for the baby, ask each guest to bring a gift to make the days around delivery a little easier. These might include: A comfy robe and a pair of slippers to relax in (check out this one), pretty nursing pajamas, a stash of magazines to pass the time in the hospital, snack food for her cravings, music to help her unwind, a good luck charm or a symbol of the occasion (like this necklace from babystyle). For some ready-made gifts (or just ideas to steal), see this New Mother Comfort Kit, Birth and Beyond Delivery Kit, or Essential Labor Comfort Kit.

Girlfriends who would rather give of themselves can make gift certificates for hours of baby-sitting, dinners to deliver, or house cleaning.

Nurturing activities

  • At the party, have available small slips of decorative paper for each guest to write their thoughts on motherhood or best parenting advice. You may want to have each guest read their advice aloud, or just pass around the slips so that everyone can see the words of wisdom. After the shower, tuck the slips of paper inside a photo album with a picture of each guest; they will make wonderful memories for the mother-to-be.
  • For a twist, have each guest complete the following sentence, written to the unborn child: “I know your mother was excited about your birth because_____________.” The answers can be read aloud, and then put inside a penny bank to be opened by the child on his or her 5th birthday. This makes a great “time capsule” and is a great way to include the child.
  • Before everyone leaves, have them sign up for a date to bring your girlfriend a meal after the baby arrives.

Party favors

What better way to celebrate the new life growing inside your friend than with a tiny plant or seed packet, wrapped up with a bow in a small, pretty pot? You might try to find baby’s breath or sweet pea plants or seeds to keep the theme going.

Have a wonderful day celebrating your friend’s big event! What a good friend you are. She is lucky to have you. Let us know how it turns out!


  1. I love this idea. It will be perfect for a friend of mine due in November. Can’t wait to discuss with the others.

    Comment by Erin — August 24, 2006 @ 6:58 pm

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