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Girlfriends Meet Mizrahi!

Oh yes we did—we met fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and it all started with an email from a girlfriend! Genevieve, who remembered our past posts and tweets about how we were nuts about Mizrahi, kindly let us know he was going to be in town for an event to launch the Liz Claiborne New York line. Mizrahi took over design for the line this year (ending his relationship with Target, where he helped create an affordable style revolution). Carson Pirie Scott (known as BonTon in other parts of the country) hosted a fashion show and shopping event with an opportunity to meet the designer. Being that it was right in our backyard, so to speak, we simply had to be there. 

We’re in!

After waiting in line to see if we were going to get into the event, we were seated near the runway. Yes! Our pink wristbands ensured we would get a goodie bag after the show. Better, we had a closeup view of the stage where Mizrahi would sit and talk about style with emcee Stacy Wallace-Albert.

Style tips

Does fashion matter to real girlfriends, with everything going on in the world today? Well, if you’re talking about high fashion, maybe not. But, no matter who you are, style does matter. You have to present yourself in some way, given that we live in a visually oriented society, so you might as well give it some thought and look put-together. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. Mizrahi focused on versatile pieces in this line, which is reasonably priced. Perhaps playing to his Midwestern audience, he also gave a lot of practical fashion advice in his time on stage. Here are a few of his nuggets: Read the rest of this entry »

Girlfriend Parties with Style

Winter wardrobes are getting pretty stale right about now. We need to freshen up our style, girlfriends! How about dressing up your next girls night with a fashion theme? We know money’s tight, but fear not, recessionistas—here’s a roundup of fashionably frugal, sensibly stylish parties you can whip up for your next girls night in. And if you don’t have your next girls night on the calendar, use one of these ideas as your excuse. Spring *is* coming, and we all want to look our best. Right, ladies? photo by miss_rogue via flickr

Go “Unshopping”

Gather the girlfriends and hit the mall—not to buy, but for window shopping and trying on. Isaac Mizrahi, in his book How to Have Style, recommends the “just looking” trip. He says to focus on the things you don’t have in your closet, or styles you don’t usually wear – e.g. if you are afraid of accessories, try on loads of belts, scarves and jewelry. “If there is anything you feel you cannot live without,” Mizrahi says, “put it on hold. Go home. If when you wake up the next morning it’s the first thing that pops into your head, buy it.” With your gal pals in tow, you will get truthful opinions on what looks good. Remember to bring your digital camera so you can record some of your favorites (plus, the hat department might make for some fun girlfriend pictures!). Read the rest of this entry »