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What You Told Us About Bunco

The girlfriends have spoken! The verdict on bunco as a girls night activity is…mixed. Almost half of you have never heard of or never tried the popular game of chance. Thirty-three percent of you “love it,” and only 8 percent of you “hate it.” Eleven percent of you “tolerate it because it gets the girls together.”

For those of you who don’t know what bunco is, the World Bunco Association can explain it to you in great detail. But basically, it’s a progressive dice game, played in pairs, that has taken girlfriend groups by storm. You can find bunco groups in practically every suburban subdivision in America. (Apparently it dates back to the 1800s!) It’s become quite a phenomenon. One of our twitter girlfriends said she belongs to three different bunco groups, one of which is a couples group. Wow! Some people really enjoy this game.

As for the Girlfriends-in-Chief, we fall into the “tolerate it” camp, and we have to wonder if some of you “love it” girlfriends aren’t really professing your love for girlfriend time rather than for the game itself. We think the reason bunco has caught on is because it gives women a structured way to spend time with other women. It’s a great excuse to get together! It’s easy, it doesn’t take much concentration so it allows plenty of time for what women really want to do: Talk. We applaud the effort anytime women get together on a regular basis. But we’ve also been part of bunco groups that dissolved out of boredom. Women like variety. Why do you think we started this website? So, we challenge you, ladies, to use your imagination (and the party ideas found right here on GirlfriendCelebrations) to go beyond bunco once in a while. Suggest a new activity and your girlfriends might just jump at the chance. Shake things up a bit. Or, if you must, keep shaking that dice, as long as you’re getting together with your girlfriends. :)

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  1. I started playing Bunko last year at a Fundraiser for “Beyond Boobs ~ It was tons of fun with lots of raffles and prizes! Now we started another bunko group – once a month ~ although I’ve been gone for the last 3 – ha! We have a good sub list so we always have enough players – 3 tables – It’s cheap entertainment and a great night out with the girls!

    Comment by Nancy — May 5, 2009 @ 3:50 pm

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