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Get Girlfriends Daily Celebrations on Twitter and Google Calendar!

Hi Girlfriends! Now there are two fresh ways to get your daily dose of girlfriend cheer. Follow us on Twitter at OR add us to your Google Calendar at Both of these options are way cool ways to get fun stuff you won’t see here on

If you follow us on Twitter, you can get girlfriend party planning tips, event reminders, and suggestions for spending time with your friends on the web or right on your mobile phone. How fun to take your girlfriends everywhere you go! We won’t regale you with our whereabouts all day long either. “Getting my nails done now…” Nope! Look for once- or twice-daily, useful reminders that help you make the most of your girlfriend time.

If you add us to your Google Calendar, our Girlfriend events, tips and reminders will appear on your desktop calendar every single day. This makes it so easy to remember to plan your girlfriend events! To find us, simply search Google’s public calendars for “Girlfriend Celebrations.” Or, see a preview of the Girlfriends Daily Calendar by clicking here. The calendar can be exported to your own calendar program as well. And it’s free! All we ask is that you tell your girlfriends about us!

Both of these options do require setting up a free account at their respective websites (But you probably have one already, right?) We really hope you join us. We’re super excited to be offering this service, which will not duplicate the great content you already get here on our main site. See you around the Web!

Do you like Girlfriends Daily on Twitter and Google Calendar? Let us hear from you!

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