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How Often Do You Have a Girls Night? Survey Says…

The results from our latest poll are in, and we think you need more girlfriend time, ladies! A full EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of you have a girls night once a month or less. As one commenter stated, “That is just sad!” It’s hard to enjoy the benefits of female friendship if you don’t actually spend time with your girlfriends. So, everybody get out those calendars right now and schedule a girls night in the next two weeks!

We are happy for the 44% of you who have a girls night once a month—that’s the largest group, and from our experience, a monthly girls night seems just about right. Once-a-month gatherings are easy to schedule in advance and not so frequent that they cause protest from husbands, kids, boyfriends, and other interested parties. About 15% of you get together with the girls more than once a month—kudos! We’d love to hear what you do when you get together. Here are the poll results: 

Thanks to all who participated. Please vote in our new poll, “How much are you willing to spend on a Girls Night?” It’s in the left-hand column. We’ll report those results in a week or two. Meanwhile, we always love to hear your comments!

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