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Good Sunday morning, girlfriends! The Chicago Tribune today is running this article by Heidi Stevens, titled “No Friend to Turn To,” on the front page of its lifestyle section. As we (and the Trib) reported way back in 2006, Americans say they have fewer close friends today than they did 20 years ago. The Chicago Tribune developed a little quiz (in the article linked above) to help you evaluate the state of your friendships. Check it out! We thought it was particularly interesting that the article says social ties outside your own family are important. So if you’re one to say, “my husband is my best friend,” you are likely missing out some really good stuff–the chance to get healthier and live longer due to friendship. A spouse (or boyfriend) is no substitute for a good girlfriend! 

At, we know it’s not easy to make and keep good friends. That’s why we are continually working on specific, easy-to-do activities that help you connect with your female friends and strengthen your bonds. This has been our mission since 2005.

If you need some more reading with your Sunday morning coffee, check out:

This list from of 150 things you can do to build your “social capital.” Some of these activities are great to do with girlfriends, or do them on your own to meet some new friends.

Girlfriends are Good For You

Growing New Girlfriends: Some Friendly Advice

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  1. Another way I’ve found to meet new people/make new friends is through an online networking group I created for local moms. It was originally started as a place to share resources, but it some close friendships have naturally evolved as the women got to know one another. It’s easy (and free!) to start a yahoo group of one’s own. “My” group (I use the quotes because it is an entity unto itself now :) started with just me and one other person and is now over 90 women, right here in my hometown.

    Comment by Gabi — September 26, 2008 @ 8:05 am

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