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Gifts in the Girlfriend Spirit – Part 2

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So you’re stuck for ideas on what to get your girlfriend for the holidays? Never fear, is here with girly gift ideas in every price range–especially the low end, because those of us with limited budgets need more ideas! And truly, you don’t have to spend a lot to show you care. All it takes is a little thought. Remember, your friendship is the most valuable gift of all.  

Do it Yourself

  • Fill a pretty tray or unique basket with home-baked cookies, scones, brownies, cheesecake or your specialty. If everyone’s too “stuffed” from holiday parties, consider giving a coupon redeemable at a later date. Friend’s on a diet? Coffee and tea are low-cal treats. Or skip the edibles and give her a gift certificate to a yoga class you can attend together.
  • Make a scarf, mittens, or shawl, and let your girlfriend wrap herself in your friendship. If you’re handy with knitting needles or crochet hooks, there are many free and simple patters available at Lion Brand Yarn.
  • I.O.U.–Entertainment for Two. Give her a vintage postcard, addressed to you and stamped. On it, write “I.O.U. a ticket to (the play or musical she’d love to see).” Give her a choice of show dates so she can check her calendar and mark her selection. Then she returns the card to you to make arrangements. For show ideas in your city, try

 $20 and under

  • Cute and cheap (make that “cheep!”) are these personalized “chick” mugs from the Current catalog. Choose from “Chick with Brains,” “Chick with Style,” or “Chick with Attitude.”
  • Gift card from her favorite coffee shop. Fun wrapping idea, courtesy of our girlfriend Kim: Ask the barista for a spare latte cup, fill it with colorful paper shred, and pop the card inside.
  • Paperback book. The right book, in a pretty wrapping, can say a lot for a little. Try for some girl-friendly reading ideas.
  • Dance lesson. “Girls just wanna have fun!” Great idea for friends with weddings, class reunions or other major events coming up in 2006. The price ranges from $10 to $24.
  • Gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure. Small indulgences can be so satisfying!
  • Affirmation cards help her remember your friendship every day while enriching her life. Check out these Inner Peace Cards at
  • Girlfriend calendars. Wall calendars may be a bit “quaint” in this day and age, but with images as beautiful as these, they qualify as art. You could even cut them up, frame the images, and–voila!–gifts for twelve girlfriends! Here’s one with art by Susan Winget. Also check out the Shades of Color and Karen Rossi girlfriend calendars at
  • Gift certificate for a local beading shop. The gift of fashion and creativity!

$30 and under

  • Friendship ball. “The ‘Old English Friendship Ball’ is traditionally known as a symbol of friendship. The ball is a circle with no beginning, no end and keeps us together just like our circle of friends. It sparkles in the light the way a good friend brings sparkles into your life.”–Olive Barn.
  • Compliment stones. Thirteen stones, each cast with an encouraging message such as “You look fabulous today,” or “Your mother must be proud.” Find them at Red Envelope.

$40 and under

  • Amethyst friendship bracelet engraved with the word “friends.” “Amethyst is the Hebrew word for ‘dream.’ Since friends share so many dreams and aspirations, the bracelet is made of amethyst.” So say the gift experts at Red Envelope, which actually has many selections on the theme of friendship.

$100 and under

  • Gift certificate for one-time housecleaning. Who doesn’t like a clean house?
  • In-home yoga session for the girlfriend who laments her inability to get to the gym;
  • Trapeze lesson for the adventurous girlfriend;

Something we missed? Use the comments form to contribute your own perfect girlfriend gift ideas. We’d love to see them. Wishing you fabulous holiday girlfriend celebrations!

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