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Six Ways to “Spa” With Your Girlfriends in The New Year

[Girlfriends, two questions: 1. Have you scheduled your 2009 girls nights yet—meaning actually put them the calendar? And 2. Would you like to reduce stress this year? You haven't? And you would? Well, we're here to help. Let's get out those calendars today, call your gal pals, and set some dates. If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive Girls Night In, our Simple Spa Party is a great solution. Click the link for all the details. But first, read what our spa contributor Melissa Mellott has to say about planning regular girlfriend dates to recharge and relax. Listen to her, she's an expert!]

Feel good right down to your with your girlfriends!
Feel good right down to your with your girlfriends!
by Melissa Mellott I know many of you have resolutions that include dieting, new goals for the year and perhaps improving your finances, but how about taking the pressure off yourself just a bit? Consider creative ways to nurture and support yourself and your New Year’s resolutions. Spa health is about relaxation, rejuvenation and whatever brings you back to a place of calm and balance. Here are six ways to destress and maintain balance throughout the year, all the while supporting your new intentions for 2009. Keep them in mind while you are planning your next girls night in, or as you touch base with girlfriends throughout the day. 

Six Ways to “Spa” in the New Year

• Before you give yourself a list of “to-dos” to accomplish this year, acknowledge what you learned, contributed and accomplished in 2008.
• Exercising is important to overall health and usually on one’s resolutions list. Consider rewarding yourself with a massage after a workout; chances are your body has been on vacation for awhile, and massage will soothe your muscles.
• Back to work and deadlines! Find ways to rest your mind during the day; little things like having aromatherapy (candles, essential oils) in your office, breathing exercises or taking a short walk can re-energize your senses.
• Diets are intimidating to most of us. If you are dieting to look and feel better – good for you! Consider other ways to enhance the way you look and feel; a spa or home facial will give you a refreshed look and it’s good for your skin!
• Take a day off! Whether you take a sick or personal day, one day away from the office can keep you on track in fulfilling your New Years resolutions.

You\'re never too young to spa with girlfriends.
You're never too young to spa with girlfriends.

• Do nothing! Take a hot bath, seek quiet time with a good book, take a cat nap or treat yourself to either a trip to a spa or create a home spa. Doing nothing allows you to take a deserved break.
• Unite with your girlfriends in 2009! Chances are your girlfriends have similar resolutions; support and encourage each other. Organize monthly get-togethers or getaways. Look for upcoming profiles of my favorite spas—perfect for girlfriend celebrations! And finally, remember to celebrate your resolution success with your girlfriends throughout the year.

Image by Alleghany County Library via Flickr.

Melissa Mellott is a spa health writer and reviewer as well as a licensed esthetician. As adjunct faculty at Santa Barbara City College, she teaches and trains aspiring estheticians.  She is is founder of Spa Defined,,  a website featuring reviews of spas in places like Santa Barbara, California; the Napa Valley, and Italy.

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  1. I like the doing nothing tip. It reminds me of the quote from eat pray love “il bel far niente” (the beauty of doing nothing)

    Comment by Linda — January 13, 2009 @ 3:30 pm

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