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Real Girlfriends: Mom Hosts a Girls Brunch for Daughter!

You girlfriends never cease to amaze us with your spirit, ingenuity, and dedication to female friendship! Our Canadian reader Marlene recently wrote us to share her success with a girlfriend get-together she held for her daughter (lucky girl!). We loved Marlene’s cute, girly party favors, and Marlene’s friend Grace wrote a lovely poem for the occasion. But what we loved the most was that Marlene recognized the importance of female friendship in her daughter’s life and did something about it! Read on for the whole scoop and get some inspiration for your next girls night or girlfriend party.

Marlene wrote: “This spring I invited my daughter’s girlfriends for brunch with the theme being ‘Celebrating women’s friendships.’ The color scheme was pink and white, including pink and white tablecloth, dishes and napkins. I changed the paintings on the wall to that of women. For a party favor to take home, I took terra cotta pots and painted them flesh tone, sculpted noses and ears (which I glued on) and painted facial features on them, wrapped a bandana around the top of the pot then added a decorative pin. In the pot I placed chocolate with a verse about friendship and chocolate, a notecard from Mary Englebreit stating ‘A constant Friend is a thing rare and hard to find’ (with the idea that later they send this card with a written note to a friend), a sticky note pad of flowers with the message written ‘call a friend, today’, and a packet of cosmos seeds with the poem written by my friend Grace just for my daughter’s celebration.

‘As women, let’s celebrate our friendship
As we gather here today
Let’s plant these seeds together
To create a beautiful bouquet
We cannot see the roots form
For they are hidden deep inside
In time, just like all friendships
They grow and begin to bind
As we cultivate them with water
Let it be a reminder from the start
That the roots of a woman’s friendship
Is planted deeply in the heart
Flowers share their scent with others
God’s gift to you and me
May our friendships, like the flower
Be all that God intended them to be.’
–written by Grace White

“The poem was printed on pink paper adorned with a flower from scrapbooking supplies and the seeds were attached to the back of poem. (The women did plant the seeds and thought of that day and their friend, Marla).

“Also included was “Which Wine are You” from your I also downloaded music about women and friendships and so forth for them to listen to as they drove home.

“My daughter’s husband had been studying for his masters in education this past year, so she hasn’t had much time to join her girlfriends as she had a one-year-old and three year old to care for, plus work and home. I thought it was time for her to sit and enjoy the women she calls friends. Sit and enjoy they did..from ten that morning till about three that afternoon.

“Looking for ideas for my daughter’s celebration is how I came across your wonderful site.  Thank you for this site and celebrating women.”

We love sharing your Real Girlfriend stories! Do you have one to tell? Talk to us!

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