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Patio Crawl Adds ‘Fest’ to October Girls Nights

The change of seasons and chillier temperatures are enough to make you want to curl up indoors with a good book. But wait! Why not celebrate the season with your girlfriends? Yes, plan your own outdoor Patio Crawl. Savor some fresh Autumn brews and bites, and catch up with your buddies. What could be better? It’s reason enough to start planning right now! Read on, legal-drinking-age girlfriends: GirlfriendCelebrations has the how-to for an outdoor brewfest you and your girlfriends will remember.

Setting and Setup

First, decide who in your circle of friends will be among the hostesses of the patio crawl. The key ingredient to a successful crawl is a group of patios or decks within walking distance of each other. And take note: Even apartment dwellers can get in on the action. A huge deck/patio isn’t necessary—just one that’s big enough for a few people to go outside to enjoy some cool air and warm conversation.

The number of patio stops is up to you. A good number to start with is five. Plan on 30-45 minutes at each patio/deck.

It’s nice to print out an itinerary for each of the guests. This can be handed out at the first patio and will serve as a guide on where to go during the night.  Be sure to include the time you move on to each stop and specifically where each stop will be. You may also want to include the beers that will be served and a place to rate them from one to five. The list of beers can be a handy keepsake just in case your guests fall in love with some of the choices and want to purchase them later.


It seems we are all becoming frugal consumers of late. So, conserve money for the party by sending simple invitations. Buying a simple invitation from a retail store such as Target or Goody’s is an inexpensive option. It doesn’t have to be fancy; sometimes the wording can say it all. If, however, most of your group is computer-savvy, Evite is the perfect tool for the frugal hostess. Your invitation might read something like this:

Under the warm patio light,

come join us

for a fabulous fun-filled night,

with laughter, food and great beer,

say you’ll come

to enjoy some evening cheer.

Silia’s Patio Crawl – 2009

Food and Drink

Plan to serve one beer at each stop as well as a food pairing. Guests will be at each location for a short amount of time, so simple fare is all that is needed. Here is a sample menu for the stops:

Patio #1 – Serve up warm and filling French Onion soup with Bass Ale. For a little variety try pouring a black and tan.

Patio #2 – Set out an assortment of crunchy pretzels along with Sam Adams Double Bock.

Patio #3 – Offerings of creamy chevre, fresh mozzarella and smooth crescenza cheeses pair well with New Glarus Crack’d Wheat Ale.

Patio #4 – Pour some New Glarus Belgian Red-Style and serve with delectable fruit kabobs.

Patio #5 – Garnish the night with assortments of dark, milk and creamy chocolates and pair with Rogue Chocolate Stout.

Another option in choosing beers is to pair the beer with the heritage of the patio hostess. We are, after all, the melting pot of the world. I’m positive there are many heritages (Dutch, German, English, Puerto Rican, etc.) within your circle. It is certain to add an element of surprise to the tastings as well as make a great conversation starter for those wallflowers in the mix.


At each patio have the host beer displayed and a place for the guests to write words that describe the brews. A chalkboard or poster board works nicely. You might also try some butcher paper on a table with colorful markers and let your guests embellish with descriptive words.

If you want to add a little humor to the night, write some playful sentences for your guests to complete instead of having them write descriptive words. Sentences like: “If this beer was a man he would be called_____.”  ”If this beer were my ex-boyfriend, I would describe him as ___________.”   ” If this beer were an actor, who would he be and why?” ” If this beer were a type of shoe,  which type would it be?”

At the final patio, quiz everyone on some of the funny answers to each of the questions. For example, give descriptions and have them decide which beer is which, or guess which beer got the most thumbs up. The girlfriend with the most correct answers wins.

Party Favors

Party favors are always a nice gesture to say “Thank You” for coming to my soiree. Here are a few party favor ideas to buy or to use as an example to make your own:

Cosmopolitan Koozie Holder – for the chic and brew-savvy guests.

Autumn photo coasters (set of 2) – what girl doesn’t like to show off her girlfriends? Be sure to take lots of pictures during the crawl. Afterwards you can send a few to each girlfriend to insert into the coaster.

We hope that you take advantage  of the weather for this cool fall patio party idea. Stay tuned to Girlfriend Celebrations for more amazing party ideas. We’d love to hear what parties are rounding your girlfriend circle. Drop us a comment—we’d love it!