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Gifts To Make Your Girls Night Great

Want to give your whole girlfriend group a special gift? How about one that keeps the fun going all year long? Some of the best girls-night-activities-in-a-box are right here. They make great gifts because they are items your girlfriends might not buy for themselves, and they encourage girlfriend parties. So go for it: Give the gift of girlfriend cheer—it will make you happier all year!

What’s A Dame to Do? board game by Games for Dames is one of the best games for women that we’ve tried. After hearing about it for several months, we recently sat down with about 6 girlfriends and played “What’s a Dame to Do?” and found it to be good giggly fun! The game is all about laughing your way through life’s funny little ‘Dame Dilemmas’ with your gal pals. You try to predict how your girlfriend would react to said dilemmas, and score points by guessing correctly. Not only were the choices funny, but they got us talking on a number of different topics. We definitely plan to play this game again. We also like the fact that it’s tasteful and appropriate for mixed-age girlfriend groups. Priced at $34, What’s A Dame to do? is high-quality girls night entertainment.

Party Art™ by Naptime Studios is a great way to encourage your girlfriends’ creative side. Each $59 kit includes everything you need to create a “puzzle patchwork” of collaborative art like the one pictured here.

Each girlfriend works on her own piece, and then they are assembled and framed to make one piece of art. This makes a great party activity for a birthday, going away party, divorce party, good luck celebration, or any event where you want to give the guest of honor something that is both tangible and heartfelt. $10 from each sale is donated to charity.

The Box Girls “Girlfriends” edition. These conversation starters are for age 18 and up. We love conversation starters as a way to fill a lull in any girlfriend party. They are perfect for learning more about your very best friends, or breaking the ice with girlfriends you don’t know very well. Priced at $19.95, this particular set is pink, pretty and girly. Topics include: “If you could pick a theme song that would play every time you entered a room, what would it be?” and “What is your most laughable dating story?” A portion of proceeds goes to women’s cancer research.

Don’t forget the Chat Chew and Chocolate party kit, which was very popular as our final giveaway in the 12 Days of Girlfriend Giveaways. This kit makes a fun gift because it includes special items for the hostess to keep, including the Simply Fabulous T-shirt. And, not only does it include chocolate munchies and goody bags for 8, but it includes a game designed to get your girlfriends chatting. It’s on sale right now for $99, so click here to see everything that is included. Consider it an investment in girlfriend fun!


  1. I love them! What’s a Dame To Do? is already on my shelf. It’s fun to pull out when the gals gather at my house. We laugh ’til we cry and sometimes just have a good cry. Thanks for the great gift suggestions.

    Comment by Brigid Waszczak — December 10, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

  2. I have used Party Art several times for many different events. I am in a womans investment club and at one meeting we all sat down with a glass of wine and created a “Party Art” to celebrate our club that has been together for 11 years. It sparked so many memories of our years together. It was a really fun meeting, especially since the stock market is not a very exciting topic these days.

    Comment by Tracy Sears — December 14, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

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