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Our 10 Favorite Posts of 2009

Another girlfriend year is coming to a close, so we wanted to look back and remember some of our favorite post of 2009. We’ve had some great ones this year! In fact, narrowing the list down to 10 favorites was tough, but we selected 5 party ideas and 5 articles that we thought represented the best of GirlfriendCelebrations this year. Read on and see if you agree, and let us know in the comments. You can also VOTE for your favorite GirlfriendCelebrations party idea of 2009 in our twtpoll in the left-hand column. If you missed any of these great posts, you may want to consider subscribing to our e-newsletter. That way you’ll never miss a minute of the celebration!

Party Ideas

1. Patio Crawl Tina says: “I like this because it’s hip to host at any age. It can be held virtually anywhere from a large subdivision to a small apartment complex. If you wanted to include the opposite sex, it wouldn’t too hard to modify. What a great way to celebrate the fall season! And last but not least…I secretly really, really, really want to host one of these ~ sounds like so much fun.”

2. Welcome-to-Town Cookie Party Tina says: “I love that you can host this for girls of all ages. It’s a unique twist on the old favorite cookie exchange. It’s a fun way to get the “chore” of seeing all your close friends and extended family without traveling from house to house during the time-crunched holiday season.”
3. Karaoke Girls Night Dawn says: “Classic GirlfriendCelebrations: Fun, easy, cheap, and unique. This is a great Japan-themed girls night to warm up a winter night by bringing out your inner diva.” Read the rest of this entry »

New Year’s Eve Appetizer Party and Pampered Chef Giveaway!

Win this very festive set!
Win this very festive set!
Congratulations to our winner Sarah D.! Contest is now closed, but read on for GREAT New Year’s Eve party ideas. What are you doing New  Year’s Eve? No plans, you say? Well, we bet you have some gal pals in the same boat. Why not invite them over for an easy appetizer party and ring in the New Year together? With a little help from our friends at The Pampered Chef and their you can easily make an elegant appetizer buffet for your girlfriends to enjoy. We’re giving away this cocktail shaker and ice bucket to a lucky girlfriend to help you have a successful girls night in. But we’ll have to hurry to get it to you by New Years Eve, so this contest will end Sunday, December 27. Read on for party ideas and contest details. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Holiday Gifts for a Girlfriend with Breast Cancer

For the healthy, the holiday season can be hectic and harried. For the “Breast Cancer Warrior,” it’s all that and more. As a Breast Cancer Warrior  since November 2005, our girlfriend Brooke Jones knows that holiday gift giving can be challenging. After learning that she had become the 5th of 6 women in her family to hear the words: “You have breast cancer” she created a unique website for women,, featuring crucial information, expert articles, links to the Internet’s most-respected breast cancer web sites, and…humor. She hopes to reach every girlfriend with knowledge, education and laughter. So listen on as she guides us through gifts worthy of giving to the girlfriends we love.

By Brooke Jones

If there’s a BC Warrior on your holiday list, you might be asking yourself this question: “What do you give to the person whose one wish is to live?” Though the question is deep, the answer is simple: You give YOU. (and no, I’m not talking organ donation, I’m talking ENERGY donation).

Breast Cancer Warriors frequently describe the exhaustion caused by treatment as ‘feeling like somebody yanked out my batteries”. Every shred of energy is suddenly gone. Who knew it takes energy to just close your eyes? Trust me — it does, and in the midst of chemo and radiation therapy that was almost more energy than I could muster. So, speaking from extensive personal experience, I say to you that one of the greatest gifts you can give to a Breast Cancer Warrior is hands-on assistance with the innumerable tasks of day-to-day living.

And so, I recommend the following free and fabulous holiday gift idea: a Gift Card, from The Store Of You. Made redeemable for any of the following, it will be a priceless gift for the Breast Cancer Warrior in your life:


If the BC Warrior in your life is the mother of youngsters, offer to watch the kids (in your home) on specific days, for specified hours.

Even better: Read the rest of this entry »

Local Foods Holiday Breakfast and Cookbook Giveaway

Here’s another great party idea designed to help you fit some girlfriend time into the busy holiday season, while doing good for the planet (more multitasking – we love it!). Our friends at Florida’s Natural want to help you host a holiday brunch for your girlfriends while promoting the selection of locally produced foods. We think this is a great idea! 

North Georgia Apple and Crispy Brussel Sprouts
North Georgia Apple and Crispy Brussel Sprouts
The concept is simple: Invite some girlfriends to your home, collect ingredients, use specially-prepared recipes and secrets, cook together, then enjoy the brunch.  It’s a fabulous way to share news and tips about what each of us can do to save our environment and develop more healthy eating habits one step at a time. And we’re sure you can inject some holiday spirit into your girlfriendly gathering as well.

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Hear us live TODAY on BlogtalkRadio! – rescheduled to Monday

(PLEASE NOTE- Interview was rescheduled due to technical difficulties.We’ll now be appearing Monday, 12/14 at 2:00 pm EST) Hey, girlfriends, we’ll be appearing live Monday, December 14 at 2:00 pm eastern with Debba Haupert of Girlfriendology on BlogTalkRadio! We’ll be talking about celebrating the holidays with your girlfriends, and you can even call in with questions. We’d love to hear from you! Listen live on the web at or, you can download the podcast and listen at your leisure. (We will post the link to the podcast when it’s available). Have a great weekend!

Have a Hip Hanukkah – Courtesy of Second City Soiree

Looking for a simple yet chic way to present the holiday meal, perhaps for a girlfriend gathering? We can always count on our girlfriend Jen Luby of Second City Soiree to have impeccable taste and do-able entertaining ideas. She recently posted this chic Hanukkah party menu detailing how to have a latke bar, better brisket, delicious donuts and the perfect cocktails for the occasion. We wanted to share it with you, with her permission. Enjoy, and Happy Hanukkah!

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Win Any T-Shirt From the Girlfriendly Goodies Shop!

Congratulations to Trin! Thanks to all who entered. Hey, girlfriends! As you may know, we just opened our t-shirt and gifts shop on Cafe Press, and we’d sure love you to consider our “Girlfriends Make Life Better” items when you’re making up your holiday gift lists. We’ve added some “gifty” items to the top of the shop for the holidays.

You’ll find aprons, ornaments, and more. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find t-shirts for any body— from organic fitted, to ringer tees to plus size. We’re so excited about these cute designs that we wanted to give away a t-shirt to celebrate! So, just to say “Happy Holidays” to our readers, we are giving the t-shirt of your choice to a lucky winner!

How to enter: It’s SO simple!

1.Just visit our Cafe Press shop RIGHT HERE and have a look around.

2. Then, come back and leave a comment telling us which item is your favorite. We’d appreciate any feedback you have on the items too! Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome-to-Town Cookie Party

The holiday season is here, girlfriends! Along with the snowflakes and cold, many out-of-town holiday guests will be dropping in soon.  Oh,’tis the season

milka stars
to be jolly, but with everyone vying for time with the out-of-towners, it can quickly create seasonal chaos. But don’t get your panties in a wrinkle just yet, girlfriends! You can host a fabulous cookie fete for girls big and little, with just a bit of planning and possibly some help from our friends at Pampered Chef. Add a smidge of charity for the troops and Voila! you’ll have a wonderful occasion to create memories, a party to inspire goodwill in all and bring everyone in one fell swoop right to your door. Yes, wouldn’t it be nice for the out-of-towners to do a one-stop-see-all instead of scurrying around from house to house? Sit back and read on, for GirlfriendCelebrations has the perfect multigenerational party to end your holiday blues. Read the rest of this entry »

Girls Like Makeup – Why Not Make it A Party?

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to host an eyeslipsface (E.L.F.) Make Up At Home party with 20 of our gal pals. Here’s what we discovered: Girlfriends LOVE to play with makeup, no matter what their age! Why not try having a makeup-themed party for your next girls night?

Zee works her magic
Zee works her magic
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