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Be Famously Friendly – Send us Your Friendship Quotes!

Hey Girlfriends, have you noticed our “Friendly Thoughts” that appear in the right-hand column? This collection of friendship quotes rotates randomly whenever the page is refreshed, to inspire you as you’re visiting We’ve been adding quotes since 2005, but we’ve just started collecting them from our readers. So, send us your favorite friendship quotes, and we’ll credit you for contributing them. Then YOUR name will appear on our page whenever the quote comes up—just for being a girlfriend! We’ve already got some of the more famous friendship quotes, like “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves,” but we’re sure you have some gems for us. Simply leave a comment on this post (click on the headline to reach the comment form) or talk to us here! 

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The Mighty Queens of Freeville: Q&A With Amy Dickinson—’Ask Amy’—and Book Giveaway!

[Congratulations to Natalie Tucker Miller. Look for a new giveaway soon!] Just hitting the New York Times best-seller list, The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Mother, a Daughter, and the Town That Raised Them (225 pages, 2009, Hyperion) is an affectionate, witty memoir by Chicago Tribune advice columnist Amy Dickinson (”Ask Amy”). We know you’re going to enjoy this book, girlfriends! It’s an inspiring read about accepting oneself, prevailing in the face of failures, and doing it all supported by a band of women who can’t get enough of each other. From celebrating her “dorkitude” to pondering “Livestock in the Kitchen,” Dickinson is endearingly candid as she tells the story of being a single mother to daughter Emily, finding herself professionally, and realizing the ultimate happy ending. This is a book you’ll want to grab for a book club or pass among your girlfriends group. For a chance to a get a free copy, see the end of this post. But first, read our interview with the author. Imagine our thrill at having our own personal chance to “Ask Amy” about female friendship! She graciously dished with us about the Mighty Queens, how to make friends, what she wants women to learn from her book, and more. And yes, she was every bit as nice, warm and bubbly as you’d imagine!

Q. Who are the Mighty Queens of Freeville, and what makes them mighty?

A. Well, my daughter assigned this [title], ironically, to my mother and my aunts because, of course, we live in this cruddy little town, so it was originally an ironic title, and we laughed about it, but then, I think it became true. And one of the things I realized after I finished writing the book was that Emily and I had assumed our place in the hierarchy. And so, the Mighty Queens are the women in my world who know and love us, who nurture and support us, who laugh at our jokes. It’s sort of about being appreciated, on the one hand; on the other hand, they are in charge of their own destiny. All of these women were single mothers raising kids. They are independent, they’re smart, they’re snappy, they’re funny, and they take care of one another. That’s what passes for royalty around here. 

Q. Most of the women in your book are related to you. For people who don’t have a really strong family base, can girlfriends fill that role? 

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Girlfriend Getaway of the Month: Chicago

The Girlfriends-In-Chief had a rare girlfriend getaway last month right here in our home base of Chicago. We may be biased, but we highly recommend the Windy City as a destination for girlfriends! Here’s our report and some tips for planning your own Chicago Girlfriend Getaway. Chicago is a friendly, beautiful city with sophisticated dining, world-class museums, excellent shopping, outdoor recreation opportunities and plenty of tourist attractions. You literally cannot go wrong with a girlfriend getaway here. We’d suggest you do a little planning before you arrive though, because deciding among the sheer number of options might slow you down a bit. Skyline photo via flickr

Where to Stay

Numerous hotels dot the Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast and downtown area. You’re sure to find one in your price range. We stayed at the delightful Hotel Monaco Chicago, a four-star boutique hotel located on the Chicago River. This hotel is really well-located close to shopping, dining, and nightlife, and also offers fabulous views of the river from some rooms. The hotel decor is uniquely chic, and the staff friendly and helpful. We truly appreciated all the special touches, from a free wine reception in the lobby each night to turndown service complete with gourmet chocolates on the pillow. Because we were celebrating Tina’s birthday, we found champagne on ice waiting for us in our room when we checked in. Wi-fi service was included in the room rate, a must for our working getaway. We had a blast blogging over drinks in the South Water Kitchen, the hotel’s adjacent restaurant and bar. Our room was comfy and adorable, with a fabulous river view and cozy window seats. Our package also included a heavenly in-room massage (the therapist really knew her stuff) and an in-room movie. Can you say “chick flick”? Overall, it was an indulgent little stay for these two working moms.

Enjoying the window seat
Enjoying the window seat
Highly recommended! Read on for theater, things to do, places to eat, online resources and more: Read the rest of this entry »

Unique Girls Night Ideas: Mardi Gras to Marketing

Hey, Girlfriends! Just checking in with some interesting links for you to check out. It’s that time of year when we’re seeking something different to break up the monotony of winter (at least in our part of the world). Here are a few unique party ideas for your next girls night in. Try one; your gal pals will thank you!

Mardi Gras is going on now in New Orleans.’s Donna Pilato has written a nice guide to hosting a Mardi Gras Jazz Brunch in your home. Festive, ladylike, refined (but not too)…give it a try, and your girlfriends will feel pampered, we guarantee! Photo via Flickr.

In case you missed it, our Karaoke girls night with a pop-Japan flavor is just the thing to melt away your winter blahs. Sing your hearts out, ladies!

Finally, we recently learned about House Party, a company that lets you host a house party to introduce a consumer product to the market. Products range widely, from coffeemakers to chocolate to hair color. If you are selected as a host, you receive a “party box” with free stuff (product samples, goodie bags) to share with your guests. The freebies vary by party, but the idea is to gather some friends and have fun while trying a new product. It’s a low-cost way for these companies to get word-of-mouth advertising. Celebrating a new product is not for everyone, but we know how some of you love free stuff! It might be a fun way to get the girls together for a change. Let us know if you try it!

What is your girlfriend group up to right now? We’d love to hear from you with any weird, wacky, unique or just fun girls night ideas. (Send pictures too – we love them!) Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrate Womanhood with My Little Red Book: Author Q&A and Giveaway

[Winners have been notified. Please check your email. Thanks to everyone who entered!] Well, we told you we’d be celebrating all things red in February. Bet you weren’t thinking of your old Aunt Flo! But once we introduce you Rachel Kauder-Nalebuff and her fabulous new MY LITTLE RED BOOK, you’ll at least consider celebrating your monthly visitor. In My Little Red Book (240 pages, Twelve Books), this 18-year old author presents a collection of stories about first periods, gathered from women of all ages from around the world. The accounts range from light-hearted (while water skiing in a yellow bathing suit) to heart-stopping (a first period discovered just as one girl was about to be strip-searched by the Nazis). The contributors include well-known women writers (Meg Cabot, Erica Jong, Gloria Steinem, Cecily von Ziegesar), alongside today’s teens. The taboo around menstruation seems to be one of the few left standing. By revealing what it feels like to undergo this experience firsthand, and giving women the chance to explain their feelings in their own words, My Little Red Book aims to provide support, entertainment, and a starting point for discussion for mothers and daughters everywhere. Whether you’re seeking a thought-provoking read for your book club or a thoughtful gift for a teen, we know you’ll enjoy this engaging book. We were delighted to interview Rachel Kauder Nalebuff—this young woman deserves kudos not only for her accomplishment, but for her giving spirit. In addition, we’re giving free copies of the book to FIVE lucky readers! Perhaps a Valentine gift to yourself? Read on for all the details:

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Sing Your Hearts Out—It’s Karaoke Girls Night!

Bunco getting a little stale? Need to shake things up at your next girls night? Get your girlfriends rocking with a karaoke girls night that is sure to bring out your inner diva! has all the how-to details for a home karaoke girls night that will provide memories for months to come. Karaoke is wildly popular in Japan, as you probably know, and throughout much of Europe as well. In the U.S., karaoke has its devotees, but many of us have never rocked the mic at our local karaoke night—nor would we dare to! Fortunately, it’s easy to host a karaoke party for your gal pals at home and have all of the fun without all of the stage fright! Singing is therapeutic, a sure cure for the winter blahs, and, recessionistas, it’s low-cost entertainment. Here’s how to do it! Photo, “Anime festival contest winner,” by Suvudu via flickr Read the rest of this entry »

Free Valentine E-Cards For All Your Gal Pals!

Hey girlfriends, we’ve temporarily added a valentine e-card widget, at the top of the left column, so you can send ALL the important women in your life a valentine hello! So, no excuses. Valentines Day is Saturday. Who do you know that could use a little encouragement around this “celebration of love”? We have made it quick and easy for you to send them a cute greeting. Just look to the left! <============= The old-fashioned cupid graphics are sweet, and you have your choice of music. Type in a heartfelt message and send it off to all your best girlfriends! Don’t forget mom, daughter, grandma, sister, special aunt, neighbor, teacher, colleague, or cousin. Please note, the screen that you use to create the e-card contains advertising. The actual card your friend will receive does not. This e-card widget is provided by a third party, so be aware that you will be leaving our site once you click on the widget. Tell your girlfriends you sent the e-card from, and we’d be most appreciative! Have fun with this! What to write? Let’s see if anyone comes up with any great girlfriend Valentine rhymes. Put them in the comments. We’ll start!

Starting a Girlfriend Valentine Tradition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, girlfriends. One way to survive this “celebration of love” is to turn it into a day of appreciation that leaves everyone feeling loved—romantically attached or not! What can you do to make Valentine’s Day a positive experience? Take a lesson from our girlfriend Carmen. Carmen belongs to our Facebook group and she wrote to us about “Lucky Reds” —her girlfriend group’s fun Valentine underwear tradition. Why not use her idea as a starting point to start a fun valentine tradition with your gal pals?

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“Valentine to Yourself” Giveaway From Enzo and Lola

[Congratulations to Karin A. Look for a new giveaway soon!] We told you February was going to be fun, and here’s a great girly giveaway to prove it! We love to bring you new resources to make planning your girls nights easier. is a new boutique website featuring “gracious gifts and fabulous finds.” They offer personalized gifts, home decor, and other hand-picked items for every occasion. We think they are a terrific source for party favors and hostess gifts that look posh without breaking the bank. (Example: The Bloembox seeds, as seen on Oprah, would make a beautiful party favor for any spring girls night, bridal shower or even baby shower). EnzoAndLola has partnered with us to give away a fun little Valentine gift package that benefits you and your girlfriends! Lucky winner receives all three fabulous items: Invite your single gal pals over for a Valentine-themed girls nights and use the Girl’s Night Out Game Kit to get conversation flowing. You’ll enjoy getting ready with a  3-Piece Embroidered Cosmetic Bag Set and make plans for your next girlfriend getaway, so you can use your (pink!) Embroidered Luggage Tag.  More details below:

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Celebrating All Things Red in February!

Ladies, there are so many reasons for you and your girlfriends to celebrate in February. Let us count the ways! First of all, it’s National Heart Month. This is a great time to explore heart-healthy recipes or begin an exercise program with your girlfriends. Visit GoRed For Women to explore all the great resources of the American Heart Association. We especially like their 12-week physical activity program. It’s free to sign up online. National Wear Red Day is this Friday, February 6. Wear red to support awareness of women’s heart health. Coinciding nicely, Macy’s Wear Red sale this weekend lets you save up to 20% just by wearing red into the store. Fun! Photo by ElectricinCa via Flickr But there’s so much more:

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