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Frustrated? How to Keep Friendships Alive

Do you feel it’s difficult to keep friendships alive? Do you sometimes wonder what you’re doing wrong? Take heart, girlfriends! Most of us feel dissatisfied with our friendships occasionally, but you can easily get your circle back on track. Recently we counseled a frustrated reader to take action to improve her friendships. Read on to see our advice. 

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Celebrate in Style with a Fashion Finesse Party

Girlfriends, has the warm weather got you flummoxed about what to wear? Feeling less-than-confident about upcoming fall fashions? Chances are your friends feel the same way, so how about getting together and learning how to make the most of your fashion sense? We recently hosted a stylish Girls Night filled with food, cocktails and fashion advice from personal stylist, Noelle Cellini, and the response was fabulous! Read on for details on how to host your own Fashion Finesse Party.

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