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Watch Friendships Blossom with a “Seeds of Thoughtfulness” Party

Looking for a way to add fun and meaning to your next girlfriend gathering? We’ve got a unique party plan to help you shower some folks with kindness while having a girlfriend bash.  Since spring is in full swing, we suggest a "Seeds of Thoughtfulness" get-together. While you create potted gifts for those less fortunate, you’ll strengthen your friendships, nurture your creativity, and undoubtedly share some giggly moments as well.

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Moms Make Great Girlfriends!

Whether your mom is your best friend, or your best friend is a super mom, we hope you’ll take time today to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers you know. Then, plan a girl’s night out with that special mom in your life. Put it on the calendar and enjoy!

Congrats to Our Contest Winner!

Diane Pollock of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the winner of our spring contest. We were looking for tips and stories about making new girlfriends. Here’s what Diane had to say:

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