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We are proud to feature Christine Arylo’s GirlTalk™ Taking it Deeper on GirlfriendCelebrations! An inspirational catalyst and self-love expert, Christine takes a fresh approach to teaching people how to get the relationships and life they really want. Arylo traded in twelve years of creating powerful images for brands like Visa and Gap, to show people how to bust through their limiting self-images and self-expectations. She is the author of Choosing ME Before WE, Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love (, the creator of the 20-day program, Create Fabulous Friendships, and the founder of the international Madly in Love with ME™ movement ( She is a recurring guest on national television and syndicated radio shows across the country, including ABC, CBS, FOX and WGN. Her opinions have also been featured in places like the San Francisco Chronicle, and Daily Om.

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