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Girltalk…Taking it Deeper™—the Test Drive

Well, girlfriends, about a month ago we introduced Girltalk…Taking it Deeper™ to you, and launched the first monthly topic in October. We promised that we would experience Girltalk right along with you, so this week we had our very own Girltalk gathering. Here’s how our girls night went:

Small Group

We invited about 10 women to our inaurgural Girltalk gathering and only four were able to make it. Truthfully, when sending out the invitations, we purposely kept the invite list small because we were more comfortable “test driving” with a small group. We also knew that it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. So in the end, the girlfriends who came out for this amazing gathering turned out to be women we already knew really well. We’ve been friends with them for three to five years.


Since the topic was “Fun,” we thought bubbles were in order, and the bubbly was much appreciated by our girlfriends! We also had a few fabulous snacks available. Trader Joes always comes through for a busy hostess! After everyone had a chance to partake in the refreshments, we decamped to a circle in front of the fireplace to begin our Girltalk.

Common Threads

Using the Guide to Great Girltalking and this month’s topic guide, Dawn facilitated the conversation. Each women checked in saying why she had come. Then, we talked about the “homework” we had prepared. Since this month’s topic was “fun,” the assignment was to think about what had been fun for us at different stages of our lives. Then, we explored what fun means for us today and why. As we talked, we definitely found some common threads weaving through the conversation. For most of us, obligations were a perceived obstacle to having fun. (Hmmm.) Then, we talked about a “dare” for each of us to do for next time. These were personal challenges to help us have more fun in our lives. It will be interesting to see who actually does follow through on their dares…

New Discoveries

So, was this a worthwhile activity for close girlfriends? YES. Isn’t a meaningful conversation always worth having? Sometimes we have to be prompted to get out of “small talk” and talk about what really matters. Even though the girlfriends in attendance knew each other quite well, it’s amazing how many things we don’t know about our friends. We all agreed that although we often do have great conversations on our own, we probably wouldn’t have had this one—and this one was worth having. Also, it felt great to make a date with each other and honor our friendships with serious (but fun!) conversation.

Some of us said we wouldn’t have been comfortable doing Girltalk in a larger group; but others felt it would be a perfect way for acquaintances to get to know each other better (though perhaps the conversation would take a lighter tone).

In conclusion, we decided to do it again next month with a slightly larger group. We plan to grow our Girltalk group slowly and organically. We can’t wait to see next month’s topic. And by the way, thanks to our loyal, supportive, wonderful girlfriends who came out. We’re so glad you did and we truly love you!

Girlfriends: Did you try Girltalk with your own girlfriends? We’d really love to hear your feedback.If you haven’t, we challenge you to try it, just once. It just might revolutionize Girls Night! If you want to know more about what Girltalk is all about, click HERE. And, stay tuned for next month’s topic! If you’d like an email reminder when the new Girltalk…Taking it Deeper topic is posted each month, subscribe HERE.

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