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Gifts for the Bookish Girlfriend

Books can make great girlfriend gifts, especially if they are of the “I’d never buy it for myself but I really love it” variety. So, what to get for that girlfriend who always has her nose in a book? Well, buying a novel for a friend can be rather personal and tricky; unless you really know her taste, we find nonfiction is best for a gift. You can nearly always find a book to complement your girlfriend’s interests, no matter what she’s into. Here are a few of our current how-to, gift book, and inspirational favorites. Since most of these books can be found for under $20, you might even want to pair them with something to enhance her reading experience: Coffee, tea, chocolate, bath salts, scented candles, or a pretty bookmark. We think all of them make great gifts!

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Sunday’s Giveaway Will Inspire You

[Congratulations to Zoe Benfeld] Today’s giveaway is a great read for any girlfriend who likes to feel inspired. One Can Make a Difference: Original stories by the Dali Lama, Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Dennis Kucinch, Russel Simmons, Bridgitte Bardot, Martina … Dozens of Other Extraordinary Individuals by PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk is a fabulous inspirational read. Newkirk interviewed 50 individuals—some famous, some not-so-famous—who have made a positive impact on the world. While some of the stories have to do with the well-being of animals, some are simply tales of impressive accomplishments by determined people. As you read their stories, you will be inspired to see what you can accomplish. As Newkirk writes, “This book illustrates (a) that even those we admire from afar invariably face obstacles and have to find ways to keep their belief alive and (b) that you don’t have to be a household name to make a difference … you just need to have conviction.” The short chapters lend themselves to mini reading sessions. Read more about the book here, at the PETA site. If you need inspiration, then you need to enter this giveaway! Good luck.

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Saturday’s Giveaway is Exceptional

[Congratulations to Elsie Balov. YOU could be next!] Good Saturday, girlfriends! Today we are giving away  The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living: Practical Steps for Living a Big, Bold, Beautiful Life! by Corrie Woods, a women’s inspirational speaker and retreat leader. This playful, provocative little book is filled with practical ideas and original illustrations. With chapter titles like “Make Your Life a Celebration,” and “Invite Others Over to Play,” it’s perfect for women who choose to celebrate life with their female friends! Each chapter can be read by itself for a short “pick me up,” and at only 5 x7 inches, it can be dropped into a purse, making it a great “lunch break book.” Be sure to check out Corrie’s website for more information and excerpts from the book! Read the rest of this entry »

Friday’s Giveaway Gets You Gorgeous

[Congratulations to Lydia Bennett! YOU could be next!] Today we’re giving away Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous (Hearst Books, November 2008)! This 192-page hardcover book  is filled with hundreds of tips and tricks from the Editors of Cosmopolitan. If you love to browse the latest beauty mags, you’ll love this little gem. It also contains tips on how to achieve salon and spa results at home—great advice during challenging economic times. We also think it makes a great girlfriend gift. Good luck!

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More Cool Giveaways You Don’t Want to Miss

Take a break from staking out those Black Friday bargains and check out a couple other chances to win free stuff:

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Rejuvenate, Celebrate, and Give Thanks With Your Girlfriends

by Melissa Mellott

[Editor's Note: Our spa correspondent brings us another idyllic experience! We thought Thanksgiving Day would be an opportune time to bring you one of Melissa's relaxing and insightful articles. She has the gift of making us say, "aaaaah." Please know that on this Thanksgiving Day, we at are very grateful for you, our readers and subscribers. We're humbled and honored that you continue to "tune in" to our site. We know it's because you share our belief that Girlfriends Make Life Better.™ Happy Thanksgiving. And remember, we love to hear from you!]

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Thursday’s Giveaway is Full of Fun Style

[Congratulations to Sandra Jones! YOU could be next!] Happy Thanksgiving, girlfriends! Today’s giveaway is a stylish statement all by itself. This mini messenger bag measures approximately 9 x 10 inches and has an adjustable strap. It is black and lined with a cheetah print. It bears the Victoria’s Secret label. This very cute bag would be fun for a night out or everyday light use. And, you *might* find a pink surprise inside, courtesy of

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Gifts to Nurture Your Gal Pals

Have a girlfriend who needs some extra nurturing this holiday season? Perhaps she has been down in the dumps, or she’s been busy taking care of everyone else but herself. Maybe she’s a busy mom, frazzled grandma, or overworked colleague. Here are some gifts to help her pamper herself, just a wee bit. She will thank you for it!

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Wednesday’s Giveaway is Good For You

[Winner has been notified and we are waiting for confirmation.] In line with our theme today of nurturing our girlfriends, today’s giveaway is The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages. The Healthy Woman is the first-ever comprehensive women’s health guide from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health—the nation’s leading experts in women’s health. At 518 pages, it is packed with easy-to-read information and makes a great “how to” manual for keeping yourself healthy. The Healthy Woman covers a wide range of topics, from heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, to healthy aging, pregnancy, respiratory health and nutrition.  It also includes personal stories, tips for communicating with your doctor, a how-to-guide for reading medication labels and a screening chart. As a girlfriend gift, it’s a bit on the practical side, we admit. But we know some of our girlfriends appreciate a good reference tome on the bookshelf. So good luck to you!

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Tuesday’s Giveaway is Simply Fabulous!

[Congratulations to Kathleen Marshall. She will be receiving her t-shirt directly from Chat Chew & Chocolate!] For today’s giveaway, we’re partnering with Chat, Chew & Chocolate, an events and education company devoted to female friendship—”serving fun, friendship and inspiration with a side of chocolate!”  Please pay their website a visit and see their fun e-community, browse the merchandise (including their great chocolate party kit) and learn from their lifestyle experts. They share our passion for girlfriends AND for parties, so we were super excited when they offered to give one of our readers their signature t-shirt!

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