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New Book Swap Form Available

Hey girlfriends, hope you are having a great summer! We’ve recently updated the form we use at our Summer Book Swap. After receiving several requests for the form we decided to make it available as a download. You can download it here as a PDF. Please note: There are two forms on each page, so you will have to cut them out. We suggest using a paper clip or tiny binder clip to attach inside each book. Enjoy!

Girlfriends Are Good For You!

The June/July issue of Working Mother is the latest magazine to report on the link between girlfriends and good health.  In fact, the magazine even calls "neglecting your girlfriends" one of its top three "energy sappers!" (Check out the article here.) If you need motivation to start scheduling girlfriend get-togethers, how’s this: Now there’s proof that girlfriends are good for your health, well-being, and relationships.

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