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This is How You Do It!

We just had to share the email we received from reader Diane Butera. She exemplifies the spirit of She understands the true value of her girlfriends, and she knows how to throw a great party! We hope you’ll be inspired by her to host a special celebration for your friends, and glean some great party planning tips from our reply.

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Super-Bowling Sunday!

Well, girls, that manliest of all men-fests is approaching: The Superbowl is kicking off soon! We know, we know, some of you actually enjoy football (or the commercials), but for the rest of us, who really don’t give a darn, whaddaya say we girls have our own Super-Bowl Party, or should we say “Super-Bowling” Party, because yes, this party takes place in the bowling alley! Read the rest of this entry »

Quick! Party Picks for January

January is underway! Need to organize a girlfriend get-together fast? Allow us to direct your attention to a few previously published parties that work well this time of year. All-new celebrations are coming soon! Meanwhile, you can throw these together in a flash:

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A Great Year for Girlfriends

Happy New Year, everyone! The past year has been a rewarding one here in girlfriend-land. Not only have we thrown some successful parties and enjoyed a great girlfriend getaway, we’ve met some fascinating new girlfriends on-line and in real life! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our many new subscribers; we are truly thrilled that you are interested in what we have to say. We’d love to hear your suggestions or questions on party planning or friendship, or ideas for feature articles you’d like to see. Please continue to tell your girlfriends about us!

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