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Summer Contest Announced!

To complement our latest party idea (the Girlfriends’ Summer Book Swap), we’re launching a new  contest. The lucky winner receives a $15 Borders gift card (perfect to use toward your next book). It’s simple to enter: Just tell us about your favorite "girl-friendly" book. Click here for more details!

No One to Talk To?

The Chicago Tribune reports today that 25 percent of Americans say they have "no one to talk to." This number has doubled since 1984, according to the General Social Survey, a well-known survey of social, cultural and political issues. Well, girlfriends, if you’ve got "someone with whom you can discuss important matters," count yourself among the lucky ones. The survey found that the average American has 2.08 of these close friends, down from 2.94 in 1985. While we hope this downward trend in friends doesn’t continue, it does illustrate that now more than ever, maintaining friendships takes some effort. The Tribune article cited longer work hours, lengthier commutes and more time spent on the Internet as some of the reasons for the decline in real-life friendships. Luckily, you can find some of the tools you need to stay in touch with your best girlfriends right here at The activities included in our party ideas are designed to reinforce the girlfriend bond by helping you discover more about each other. With a little effort, you’ll never find yourself with no one to talk to! And by the way, you can always talk to us.