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Contest Extended!

We’re extending our January tips contest until the end of February. Traffic’s been a little slow and we want to give everyone a chance to contribute. So share your great baby shower ideas! See the contest page for details.

Win Prizes for Your Party Tips!

We’re launching our monthly tips contest here at GirlfriendCelebrations! Each month we’ll be seeking the best party planning or female-bonding tip and awarding a fabulous prize. For January 2006, we’re taking inspiration from our girlfriend Kate, who asked us for non-traditional baby shower ideas. We admit we were stumped, so we’re turning this query over to you, our girlfriends!

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January Party: The V.I.P. Event

Start the year off right and do something good for yourself: Make a date with your girlfriends! This month’s celebration pays dividends all year long. It’s time for some Very Important People (you and your girlfriends) to get together for a Very Important Planning party–your annual V.I.P. event. The purpose? To get your girlfriend celebrations organized for the year, having fun in the process. Planning doesn’t have to be a chore–we’ll show you how it can be fun. And, with everyone in on the decision-making, you’ll get a better turnout at your monthly get-togethers throughout the year. 

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Create a Tradition–Pass the Basket

Having "signature" items that pass from girlfriend to girlfriend is a tradition that can make your get-togethers feel a little more special. To inject a little more fun into your girl-group vibe, you may want to try this:

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